Virtual Nutritional Talks

Vanessa is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Deciding to pursue her passion for health and fitness, Vanessa enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she received her diploma with highest honours. After completion of her program, she continued her education and received her certification in Naturally Designed Pregnancy & Early Childhood Nutrition. Her passion for working with children has developed from teaching competitive dance for the past 12 years.


As a professional dancer, Vanessa experienced first hand the lack of education available on how to properly fuel your body. There was little to no information being presented regarding energy-sustaining food and injury prevention. This ignited Vanessa to empower individuals to live a healthy, active lifestyle using the power of proper nutrition. She focuses on maintaining balance throughout the body by reducing inflammation, restoring gut health, and improving energy levels. Vanessa uses an attainable approach to achieve optimal wellness through whole foods, supplementation, mindfulness & exercise. This is achieved by evaluating the individual’s complete health history, lifestyle, and nutrition choices to determine the root cause of their health concerns or imbalances. Vanessa looks forward to assisting you on your journey of holistic health.

Vanessa Stead

Nutritional Practitioner


Included in our Online Membership are bi-weekly nutrition discussions with Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Vanessa Stead.

These sessions are every other Friday at 5:30pm-6:00pm via Zoom.  Not to worry if this time doesn't work for you, all session recordings will be posted on our membership private Facebook Group page for you to access as a member.  They will include topics such as the following:

  • The Basics of Nutrition 

  • Happy Hormones

  • Animal Protein Alternatives 

  • How to Naturally Boost Metabolism

  • Understanding your Thyroid

  • Nutrition for Sustainable Energy 

  • Nutrition for Optimal Digestion

  • Osteoporosis Prevention

  • Nutrition for Fitness

  • How to Meal Prep

  • How to Pick Quality Supplements 

  • Foods to Reduce Inflammation & Aid in Recovery



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